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Champions are the backbone of the For Farmers movement. Each Champion contributes $25 or more to support mini-grants and gets involved in a way that works for them. 100 Founders and Champions work together in various ways to spur the For Farmers Movement on!


  • Thought leaders

  • Promoters

  • Mini-grant reviewers

  • Grant makers

  • Admin helpers

  • Cheerleaders

  • Nominators

  • And more! 

Our 100+ Champions

  • From 42 states across the US

  • 33% farmers -- it's so important for farmers and non-farmers to work together!

  • Have donated to support mini-grants for farmers including some challenge grants

  • Participate in For Farmers in various ways, some daily, some seasonal! Check out the teams here.

  • Are enthusiastic about sharing their ideas about how to encourage the movement

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