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The For Farmers Movement presents a full slate of programs throughout the year to support farmers in different ways and to give YOU various options.

Love For Farmers

Love For Farmers is an annual campaign featuring thank you notes and care packages for farmers suggested by you.


Opens annually from Valentine's Day (February 14) to National Ag Day (March 19).

The Ultimate For Farmers Farmer's Market Guide

The Ultimate Farmer's Market Guide will help you get more out of your market than ever before. The For Farmers Movement celebrates farmer's markets in April.

Chef's Kiss For Farmers

Top chefs dole out dramatic air kisses of approval to their favorite farmers without whom they would not be able to create the most heralded dishes in their restaurants.

For Farmers People's Choice Awards

The For Farmers People's Choice Awards allows you to choose which farmer(s) will get a $1000 grant. Farmers submitted via the Love for Farmers campaign are eligible to participate on IG on National Ag Day (March 19).

The For Farmers Farmer's Market Treasure Hunt

Let's make the farmer's market even more fun! Take your kids and have them lead you to the most delicious treasures.

For Farmers
Farmer Grants

Nominate a farmer for a grant to acknowledge the incredible value they have to you, your family, and your community. Farmers who are nominated apply for a $500 to $1000 grant to support farm projects of their choice including equipment, infrastructure, repairs, etc.


A panel of reviewers (including farmers) decides among the applicants from all 50 states.


Nominations open annually on October 12th -- National Farmer's Day.


Grants are announced on the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

For Farmers Local Food Challenge

The Local Food Challenge is an ongoing program that will challenge you to think differently about your food. It starts with an eye-opening look inside your refrigerator and has been touted as "life-changing" by participants. Fun for the whole family.

Kids Plant For Farmers

The best way to build new generations who understand where their food comes from is to get them started young by planting a seed. Get your Kids Plant For Farmers kit here.

One Bite Is Everything

Get to know farmers from across the country on a very personal level by listening to their stories, challenges and revolutionary ideas on this top podcast.

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