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The For Farmers Movement replaces myths with facts.

By working to convert myths to facts, we can gain a better understanding of the challenges that farmers face and how we can best support them.  A good source of facts, like this one, can help consumers make informed choices about the food they eat and the products they buy.

The 2%

Farmers make up only 2% of our nation's population.


36% of American farmers are women.


95% of American farmers are white. Less than 2% are Black.

Land access

Cited as the #1 barrier to farming for new and Black farmers.


The average age of the American farmer is 57.


11% of our farmers are veterans or in active military service.

Family farms

98% of American farms are family-owned and operated.

Food production

Family farms account for 88% of food production in the US.

40% by non-farmers

40% of American farmland is owned by investors not farmers.

90% are small farms

Operate nearly 50% of US farmland & generate 21% of production.

70.6% decline

Since 1935, the number of farmers has declined by 4.8 million.

Average acres

The average American farm is 435 acres.


Farmers are 3x more likely to end their own lives.

Millennial farmers

250,000 in the US

8 cents

A farmer sees only 8 cents for every dollar spent on food.


About 1% of US gross domestic products come from farming.


914 million acres in the US

85% of grassfed beef

Over 85% of grassfed beef sold in the US is imported.


Agriculture employs over 24 million Americans.

Food waste

30 to 40% of food produced in the US goes uneaten.

Feeding livestock

67% of crops grown in the US go to feeding livestock.


Only 11 crops are GMO including most of all corn and soybeans.


Less than 1% of US farmland is certified organic (5 million acres).

Midsize to Large

These family farms account for about 66% of production.

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