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The For Farmers Movement Pledge

I pledge to:

Sign the pledge!

Get to know the facts by following along with the For Farmers Movement.

(The For Farmers Movement shares facts on social media, in a weekly letter, in a blog, on a website, and in a weekly podcast. Pick one or explore them all.)

Take a small action to support farmers!

(Find a local farmer, shop from a farm stand or farmer's market, sign this pledge, nominate a farmer for a grant, and/or contribute $1 to the For Farmers Fund.)


Spread the word about the For Farmers Movement to my friends, family, and community.

For Farmers is committed to you and the vital community of farmers. Together, we are the driving force behind the Movement's growth and success. By signing the For Farmers Pledge, you contribute to a growing movement dedicated to supporting farmers and securing the future of agriculture. Your signature is not just a commitment; it's a powerful step toward building a community of millions dedicated to positive change. Please sign and share it with your friends!

The For Farmers Movement Pledge to You and Farmers

For Farmers pledges to support American farmers with a long-term commitment to:

  • Share farmer stories (IG, pod, blog, weekly letter and more) to draw you closer to their lives, work, challenges, and to the source of your personal, environmental, economic, and community health

  • Connect you with your local farmers

  • Invite you to take small actions that have a big impact on farmers and the Movement

  • Debunk myths and clarify confusing industry jargon and buzzwords

  • Award grants directly to farmers to support them in their work and to help them overcome challenges

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