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Donate $1 or More to Farmer Grants

Every year, For Farmers awards grants to farmers across the United States. The goal is to award grants to as many farmers as possible each year.


Funds for farmer grants come from many sources: special events, underwriting, challenge and matching grants from generous founders and champions, honey sales, and a couple of very special corporate partners, BUT mainly from donations from people like you. One dollar at a time. This is at the heart of the For Farmers Movement, engagement and support for farmers from as many individuals as possible. 


What if ONE MILLION people each gave $1 to the For Farmers Fund for farmer grants? We could reach 2 million small farmers with support for what they need most. Farmers define their own needs in their grant applications.


ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your donation goes directly to farmers in the form of farmer grants. Farmers are skilled at using their dollars wisely and grants often support infrastructure, equipment, necessary supplies, and other materials needed for farming sometimes addressing price spikes in a tough year or safety issues. Farmers have also used their grants to expand operations, better serve their customers, and to manage a transition on their farms.


You can donate your contribution via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. If you would prefer to send a check, please email me here. 

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