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The For Farmers Movement gives YOU opportunities to support American farmers with SMALL ACTIONS that have a BIG IMPACT.


Take the For Farmers Pledge

Join the Movement. Show your support for farmers, ranchers and fisherpersons who produce food, fiber & fuel for YOU!


Say "Thank You" to a farmer

Thank a farmer.  Submit a farmer's name starting January 14 and For Farmers will send a thank you, a care package, and put their name in a hat for a mini-project grant of $250 to be announced March 19, National Ag Day!


Nominate a farmer for a For Farmers grant

Nominate your farmer for a grant starting October 12, National Farmer's Day! 


Donate $1 to the
For Farmers Fund

Donate $1 or more. For Farmers grants to farmers are build on $1 donations from all over the country!

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