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The Talk Farm to Me podcast brings you closer to the power of your choices, one farmer at a time.

Listening to farmer stories allows you to gain a better understanding of the challenges and realities that farmers face daily. Why is that important? Because everything that matters to you intersects with our farmers.


Farmers influence:


  • the quality of the food you eat and share contributing to your personal and family health,

  • the health of the soil yielding positive environmental results,

  • the vibrancy of local and regional economies that translate into dollars in your wallet, and

  • the strength of the rural communities where they live and work. 

Talk Farm to Me consistently ranks in the top 25 of agricultural podcasts and the top 5% of podcasts globally. It is also included in college curricula in courses related to food systems and anthropology.


Talk Farm to Me is the second best way to know a farmer (the first is in person), but is also the very best way to get to this much information and understanding in one sitting! Tune in. Subscribe. Write a review.

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