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The success of For Farmers depends on you and how you engage in it. Pick from one of the 10 teams below or let me know how else you'd like to help!

Pick a Team

Take this fun little BuzzFeed quiz to give you some inspo on where to start! Answer 9 easy questions and get a suggestion on what team might be the most fun for you!

Want help?

Recruitment Team

For Farmers is looking for more people like you to join the movement as a Champion. Our goal is 100 Champions! Can you help us find people who want to support farmers?

Nominations Team

In our next nominations cycle, we want at least 1000 farmers to be nominated in all 50 states... maybe more! Can you nominate some awesome farmers? Do you know others who can too?

Review Team

Every mini-grants season we need a dedicated group of farmers & non-farmers to review applications. Reviewers start with 10 applications and meet 5 times on Zoom until we decide on awardees! Would you like to help in this way?

Promotion Team

Are you adept at social media? Do you like to be in the know and to inform others about important things? For Farmers needs you to help spread the word!

Follow Up Team

Once farmers are nominated, we need a tenatious squad to follow up with farmers and to help them get their mini-grant applications in on time. It's a great way to get to know farmers! Can you help?

Mythbusting Team

Let's set the record straight, why don't we? Are you a farmer or someone who sees misinformation being spread about farmers? Let's spread facts instead. Can you help us replace myths with facts?

Resources Team

We are building a resource center for farmers! Can you help us bring it all together? Do you have a special resource to offer? Resources include grant opportunities, social media & grant application tips, and community resources.

Events Team

Let's have a party! Gather your friends and host a delicious dinner at your house using some local farm ingredients! $25 donation to For Farmers suggested... plus a few heartfelt words from the host and a toast to our farmers!

Fundraising Team

We raise money for mini-grants $1 at a time and very creatively! Do you have good in-person or online event ideas? Would you like to host a very special For Farmers Dinner at your house this summer or fall? We need you!

Sponsor Team

Want to help For Farmers partner with the perfect teammates? Let's pick a few of the very best companies and invite them to join us in supporting farmers across the country by spreading the word and funding mini-grants to farmers! Can you help?

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Hey, I'm Dana, the founder of For Farmers.

And I am here for you.

Whatever your passion or interest, I know I can find a good spot for you in this amazing For Farmers movement! Trust me when I say that your involvement really matters! 

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