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The For Farmers Movement supports American farmers by sharing their stories, replacing myths with facts, awarding farmer grants & providing YOU with easy ways to support them.

Farmers are struggling. We've lost 141,733 farms in just 5 years and over 20 million acres of farmland.


Farmers are invisible. We don't see them and the work they do in a way that is commensurate with their contributions.

Farmers are essential. Farmers are at the center of solutions to our health, environment, communities and economy.

Here's how

we do it.

To build a community where we come together with farmers in a place of understanding through 

1)   Sharing farmer stories


2)   Replacing myths with facts, and


3)   Supporting farmers with grants

      & other resources.

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Meet Some of the Farmers We Have Supported 

(Click each picture to learn about the farmers and their projects. Or check here to see them all.) 

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