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Lovelight Farm

Jennifer Askew Dunbar

Fall 2023

The Farm

We are a 12 acre market garden farm incorporating biodynamic principals to our certified naturally grown vegetable farm. We sell our vegetables at farmers markets and host a CSA membership. We are also a teaching farm and partner with Montessori schools in our area for hands on farm projects and farmers markets. The children have a seed to market experience from planting, harvesting, to customer interaction at the farmers market. 

The Project Funded

This funding will provide resources needed for our school spring programing project: Bird strike zone. Students will learn how birds can used for pest control by placing bird houses in a pattern around the fields perimeter. Students will construct and install birdhouses. The project will fund the supplies needed for this project that can be replicated in their community garden. This project will impact 90 plus children teaching them creative biodynamic pest management system. 

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