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Howling Flats Farm

Kelley Babbin

Fall 2023

The Farm

Howling Flats Farm mission is rooted in providing a high-quality and ethically conscious food source for the local community. Founded in 2010 the farms history is marked by its transformation from a horse racing facility to a thriving livestock enterprise. I actively engage with the community distributing my farm fresh meats through a CSA, direct-to-consumer via my website, wholesale partnerships with local grocers, schools, food banks, Healthfood stores and farm stands. In addition to providing the best products, I am striving to build a profitable business in hopes that my grandchildren can raise their families in this amazing life when they grow up.

The Project Funded

These grant monies will be used to purchase a light-weight, round bale hay cradle suitable for goats and sheep. I’ve recently expanded into meat goats who can’t safely eat through the large hay saving nets that the sheep use. Not only is this type of feeder safer for the goats, it is light weight enough to be easily moved during rotational grazing, kids & lambs can reach the hay and it will keep the animals from climbing on top of the bales and soiling their food.

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