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This isn't your usual Shimpmukkah freebie.
It's a little more 
personal than that.

This is your VIP Pass to finding
perfect local farm match
with food that is good for your health, the environment, and your own local community.


Potatoes for Latkes? Butter, eggs & cream for your Yule Log? Hannukkah brisket? Christmas ham? Caviar for New Year’s Eve? I'm your girl!

I will find you a top-quality, small farm
within 100 miles of you (or less)
that produces what you



Well, since it's Shrimpmukkah and I want to keep this cheery, I won’t drag you too far into how much of our food is industrialized. But you don’t want that, trust me.

What you DO want is food that was raised in a way that is healthy for you and yours, for the environment, for the animals, and that benefits your very own local community!


Here’s how it works.

Clickety-click the button below and enter your first name (since we are on a first-name basis now), your email, your zip code, and your food priority (like one thing you love to eat and want to source responsibly) and I will direct you to a local farm where you can get the best ingredients… for your latkes and your Yule log, too!

I am really good at small, family-owned and operated farms with pasture-raised meats and organic, sustainably grown veggies. But if you want to challenge me (escargot 🐌 anyone?), go ahead!

Local is a priority, but if you live in a food desert I will give you the best farm that ships right to your door! 

xoxo, Farm Girl

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