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Barnswallow Flowers

Meredith Nunnikhoven

Fall 2023

The Farm

Barnwallow Flowers is a fresh-cut, flower company in rural Oskaloosa, Iowa. Its regenerative model uses zero chemicals above and below ground while only selling what it grows. Farmer, Meredith Nunnikhoven, co-founded Barnswallow to diversify the small farm operation. Meredith’s development of the value-added, compostable vase line will contribute to a cleaner future in the floristy world. 

The Project Funded

The For Farmer’s Grant will support Barnswallow’s on-going, legal and research fees for Meredith Nunnikhoven’s value added, invention of the compostable floral vase(s). The overall project budget includes drafting patent and trademark documents, research and development along with U.S. government patent and trademark filing fees.

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