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Farmer Nominations Support Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to make helping to spread the word about nominations super easy. It contains answers to all the key questions and explains the For Farmers Grants program in a step-by-step process. 

The deadlines for the program are at the bottom of this and every page, starting on October 12 -- National Farmer's Day -- when nominations open and ending on Monday, November 20th at noon EST when grant awards are announced!

Goal: To help get farmers across the country nominated for a For Farmers grant.


How Many:  We ask that you get at least one farmer nominated in your state. That said, the goal for each state is a minimum of 10 nominations. You can get to the starting point by nominating one or more farmers yourself. But it's even better when you spread the word and get others to help you. You can do this! (And we really, really need you!)


When: Starting October 12 -- National Farmer's Day -- and ending on October 22. Ten days. One nomination per day.

Why Nominate a Farmer?: Here is an article on why it's so important, but the bottom line is that it makes farmers feel great about the work they are doing (which is part of the mission of For Farmers)! Also, farmers in your state may not know about the grants yet!


How to Nominate a Farmer: It's so easy. The Farmer Nomination form includes the nominator's name and email address, and the rest of the information is about the farmer. The most important information about the farmer (besides their name and why they are being nominated) is their EMAIL address. This is where an application will automatically be sent once a nomination form is filled out. There will be other follow-ups, but having the application sent immediately is key!  This page has all the information and links about NOMINATING A FARMER and the APPLICATION FOR FARMERS. It is the page to share with your family, friends, neighbors, etc. to get the nominations going.



Key Tools: The best way to spread the word is through your network -- social media, email, word of mouth, etc. That said, to help you out, For Farmers has put together a tiny cupboard of resources in the form of Instagram posts and GIFs. Please feel free to make your own or use these or both! If you are on Instagram please tag @xoxofarmgirl for a reshare so we can feel the momentum building!

WIIFM? (What's in it for me?): Besides feeling great about your role in helping farmers, For Farmers' partner O'Keeffe's Hardworking Skincare wants to celebrate you by sending you a care package of products just in time for dry skin weather. When you step up to help For Farmers get farmers nominated on the state level, we would love to send you an O'Keeffe's care package (just sign up here). Farmers who make the "Finalist List" will also get an O'Keeffe's care package. Soooo nice!


What Happens After Farmers Are Nominated? Farmers have to fill out an application. It asks about the farmers and their farms and what they would use a grant for. It's pretty simple and it's designed to be easy for both the farmers to fill out and our reviewers to get a good idea of what's happening on the farm.

Nominators can be REALLY helpful in the APPLICATION PART of the process. Farmers who do not apply cannot be considered for a grant. So, nominators who follow up with their farmers can really make a difference.

BONUS: The state with the highest ratio of applicants to nominations will get an additional grant for one of the farmers in their state. When you spread the word about the For Farmers grants program by helping to get farmers nominated for grants, you can make a real difference!

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