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Curious, are you?

It's what I like most about you already.

Say "banana" for me. 

There's nothing worse than someone I think I know well introducing me as Day-Nah. So, I introduce myself using these three little words, "Dana, like banana." Nice to meet you!


It was kinda an accident. 

I am going to blame it on a chicken, my then 9-year-old daughter, and my personal mantra of "Just say yes."

Having chickens can make you think you can do anything. And in my case that means goats, donkeys, ducks, bees, a blog, then a podcast, then another. And now a national movement. 

The truth is I am a curious mission girl. And I'm a little mad about how we see farmers. Or don't. 

I support your curiosity. In a farmer direction. Because farmers impact every direction.

Curiosity is a cornerstone of the For Farmers Movement. 


For Farmers encourages you to be curious about the central role that farmers play in your story: your food, your health, your community, your environment, and pretty much everything that impacts your life.

If curiosity really killed the cat,
it's how I'd like to go, too.

pond in the fog.jpg

In a word: Unpredictable

When I was twelve, I would have told you there were two things I would never grow up to be:

1) a farmer and 2) a radio personality.


Now, with a podcast (ahem, radio) and a farmer-facing life, what would I say to my 12-year-old self?

THIS: Life is one big beautiful accident. I am here for it and I hope you are too.

I have a prediction about you, actually.  I will tell you later.


I don't like
bananas at all.

They kinda make me gag, and other facts about me, in case you're still curious.


Only child. Don't judge.

When you learn this, you will have one of two responses (like everyone else I have ever met):


  1. I had no idea!

  2. That explains it.

Ski Slope

I have zero need for speed or heights. 

I get my jollies in other ways. And it can be contagious.

I've graduated from skiing & rollercoasters.

Coffee and a Cookie

I'm both a percolator & an action taker.

I am constantly thinking, learning and considering. But I am also quick to put ideas into action.

The For Farmers Movement grew out of all of this.  For you.

I've listened to thousands of farmers. And I have walked a couple of steps in their hardworking shoes on my own farm.

That plus my mission-driven sensibility and experience led me here. I just couldn't hold myself back from stepping in where help was needed most.

So, here's my prediction.

YOU will join me. Because our farmers work for you. You want them to do well. And here is where you will find so many easy ways to help them do just that. 

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